3 Ways to Kick Self Doubt to the Curb

Oh self-doubt.  That voice in your head that tells you that you can’t do it.  Maybe it’s your voice.  Or maybe it’s someone else’s.  Either way, that doubt is holding you back from moving forward.  We could talk all day long about why self-doubt is bad, but if you are reading this then you most likely already know the horrors of it.  Over the years I have had the chance to work with some of the very best people in business and civic engagement.  These folks are confident.  At the top of their game.  The people so many of us aspire to be.  And you know what…every single one of them has had self-doubt.  It’s this thing that we don’t talk about, but every single human being faces.  So how do you move past it?  Here’s 3 ways that you can push yourself through:

  1. Acknowledge the Doubt…But Make Your Goal Your Focus

Do you have clarity around what it is that you want?  Do you really know what the goal is?  You do.  Great!  If not, let’s chat…I can help you with that.  In order to move past self-doubt you have to acknowledge the fear, but then you have to acknolwedge that your dreams and goals are bigger than any old little fear will ever be.  You have to be convicted that yes, you may stumble, and yes, you will have to get out of the warm, cozy, comfort zone, but the reward on the other side, is BIGGER AND BADDER than any self-doubt will ever be.  You were designed and created for greatness.  A little bit of self-doubt is not going to stop you.

  1. You Have to Do It Scared

Oh I hate this!!  I really do!  I wish I could tell you that there is a magic answer that would make it go away.  If you do X, then your doubt will disappear, and you can go on being the awesome beast you were meant to be.  But alas, this isn’t the truth.  You have to do whatever it is that you want to do, that the voice in your head is telling you that you can’t do, even if it scares you silly.  As Newton taught us, an object in rest stays in rest, but an object in motion stays in motion.  In order for the motion to occur, you have to MOVE!  And to do that, you have to do whatever it is that you are scared of, even when you are scared. Take one more step.  And then one more.  And then one more.  Keep going.  And pretty soon you will look in the rear view mirror and self-doubt will be a mere little blip in the background.  And the goal when you look forward will be getting closer and closer and closer.

  1. Find Someone to Hold You Accountable

So you have made the decision that you are going to do it.  And hopefully you have already taken a small step to get there.  But here’s the thing, in order for us to make real change, we have to take those small steps over and over.  That’s hard.  And uncomfortable.  But if we really want to push away self-doubt and get what it is that we are after, we have to keep going.  The best way to keep going is to have someone that will hold you accountable to those actions.  You know why people who have a trainer get more fit?  Because someone is holding them accountable to exercising and eating right.  You know why so many Americans are walking around obese.  Because it’s almost impossible to hold yourself accountable to make long term sustainable change.  Up your game…find someone that will hold you accountable.

A year ago, I was standing at the crossroads.  I saw the path I was on, and the path I wanted to take.  I had to get clear on my goal.  Then take the step.  And make sure that someone was holding me accountable.  People often ask me why I left a very successful career to go into leadership development…it’s easy.  Because too many of us are walking around letting self-doubt win every single day.  I love that I have the opportunity to work with people to raise awareness to clarify their goals and purpose, help them intentionally create the plan to move forward, and then be their accountability partner to see them successfully achieve their dreams.  Would love to help you too! Don’t let a little bit of self-doubt hold you back from living the life and achieving the dreams you were destined to conquer.


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