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1: Let’s Talk About Confidence [Podcast]

In this pilot episode, Caytie talks about the one essential element that everyone needs in order to reach their true potential. And no, it’s not wine (this time). It’s CONFIDENCE!

In Episode 1, Let’s Talk about Confidence, Caytie answers this question: I’ve lost my confidence. How do I get it back? It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, an entrepreneur, a middle manager, or a job searcher. We all struggle with finding our groove, owning our skills, and truly feeling like we deserve the success we strive for. Confidence isn’t something we have or don’t have; it’s something we build and maintain. (Yes, even Olivia Pope has to work to to keep up her take-no-prisoners-Whitehouse strut.)

Let Caytie be your confidence personal trainer as she shares her three-step process for building up toned, strong, hulky confidence muscles. AND, let her reveal one of her biggest confidence secrets:

Confidence occurs after we take the action. Not before.

Translation: Beyonce didn’t just wake up like this. It took work, practice, action, failure, and success. Don’t believe us? Listen to Caytie’s snow-skiing story around minute 18.

Photo of Caytie snow skilling for the first time

Photo of Caytie snow skiing for the first time

By the end of this episode, Caytie teaches you how to make a Badass List. This is a 15-minute tool (we can all work out for 15 minutes, right?) that you can implement now to learn how to be more confident every day. It’s the first step in celebrating every little thing you’ve overcome to get to exactly where you are today.

Where will you be tomorrow? Stay with us, and it’s sure to be somewhere badass.

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