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4. Why Failing Isn’t Really a Bad Thing [Podcast]

Today we’re talking about something pretty scary.

It keeps us up at night. It stops us from going after what we want. It makes us hide behind excuses. It makes us feel stuck.

It’s the thing that debilitates us, consumes us, and paralyzes us. What is this thing we all fear?

Dun dun dun!!!


We told you it was scary! But after listening to Episode 4 of Confidence with Caytie, we promise you’ll have nothing to fear. We shine a flashlight on failure and expose it for what it truly is: something to learn from.

In this episode, Caytie opens up about a time that she thought she had failed miserably. She thought the worst possible thing had happened, only to realize…

It wasn’t actually that bad.

Caytie passes on a simple tool that has changed the way she looks at failure. Using this strategy, her clients have learned how to stop playing it safe, take bigger risks, and start to live the lives they were truly created to live. It’s this easy:

Replace the question, “What if I fail?” with “What will I learn?”

This simple change jolts us out of analysis paralysis. It prevents us from thinking through everything but doing nothing. It helps us stop playing it safe.

Think about that thing that you desperately want to do, but you’re too afraid to go after it. The risk feels too big, the result too uncertain. What if we told you that by the end of this episode, you’d have the guts to try?

Go on now, don’t be scared. Give it a listen.


Badass of the week: Rachel Hollis, author of Girl Wash Your Face and founder of the Rise ConferenceFollow her on Instagram: @msrachelhollis

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