9. The Cold, Hard Truth About Control [Podcast]

Here I am sitting on a plane thinking about control. Do you know what you have control of when you’re on a plane…just about nothing. Well not entirely nothing, but not much more than how you treat your seat neighbors, how you spend the time, and maybe what kind of drink you order. Luckily for me, they still had a split of the dry rosé. 

Control. It’s that weird thing that we think we have, that we sometimes don’t want to relinquish, and often we don’t want others to have. Now, I’m not saying that you don’t have total say as to what you want in your life, but I do think you have to know that there are some cold, hard truths about control:

  • You don’t always have it
  • You shouldn’t always need it
  • Sometimes what you have control over isn’t what you want to have control over
  • You can control your response and reactions

This week, I’m giving you one of my absolute favorite tools, The Circle of Control. This bad boy will help you immediately know where to put your focus, and where to let go.


Badass Inspiration of the week:

  • My dear friend, artist and overall creative badass, Alana Kay Latiolais
  • I’m proud to say that I am the owner of her very first commissioned piece of art, appropriately entitled Badass. The painting is in my office, but you can pick up some of these fabulous earrings so you can proudly show that YOU are a badass!!
  • You can also find her on Instagram @alanakayart

Getting Clarity:

Use the Circle of Control  so you can get really clear on what you can control…and what you can’t!

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