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14. How to prepare for your next interview [Podcast]

I’m going to let you in on a little secret today. Ready for it?

I want you to look around your office. Take a  peek around that coffee shop you’re working from. Do you see the faces burrowed behind computer screens? More than half of those people–half of your coworkers and colleagues–are actively looking for new jobs or watching job openings. That’s right, 51 percent of employees are considering a change.

Do you know what that means for me? Half of YOU are browsing job opportunities that will likely all lead to a big, stressful requirement: an interview.

Enter Caytie.

In Episode 14 of Confidence with Caytie, How to prepare for your next interview, I share my list of 5 things every person should bring to an interview. (And yes, you should bring your resume, but NO, it’s not on this list.) Master the items on this list, and you are guaranteed to walk into your next interview (or board meeting, networking event, or date) with the confidence to show up as your best self.

(Extra credit to anyone who uses this episode’s strategies on their next date. We’ll need to you share all the juicy details!)

My clients have used all five of these strategies to not only land jobs, but to land the right jobs.  I share my belief that a successful interview should be approached like a conversation. Acing it is not just about having all the right answers, it’s about having the right questions, too.

Remember, YOU are the one showing up with amazing talents to offer. Interviewing  is the time to know your worth, embrace it, and be unapologetically ready to go get what you want.

Listen in, and let’s talk about how.

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