16. 4 traits of a successful job searcher [Podcast]

Raise your hand if the job search process is driving you insane.

I have been there, my friend.

If you’ve hung around me much, you know I love to give tips and strategies to help make the job search process less painful and more effective. (Actually, I have a whole online course for it.) And they work! I have watched amazing women change the way they approach their job search and end up in PERFECT jobs–jobs they love, jobs that pay, and jobs that are totally aligned to their strengths and goals.

But, I have to admit something to you. Ready for it? It doesn’t always work. That’s right. Every once in a while, I see savvy, ambitious women try to change their approach to job searching and fall flat on their faces.

Can I admit something else to you? I’ve done it, too.

So, I started to ask myself: What is the difference between the people who are really successful in their job search and the people who aren’t?

And that’s what today’s episode is about. I have identified FOUR characteristics of the most successful job searchers–the ones who end up finding perfect-fit jobs. If you’re falling flat in your job search and you want to know why, ask yourself if you’re exhibiting these four traits. And if you aren’t, I have good news for you: it’s never too late to start.

Give it a listen to find out how.

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