17. Don’t you dare shrink yourself to make others feel better [Podcast]

I have a message today, and it’s a fiery one.

You see, I work with amazing women every day. It’s my job, and I’m convinced it’s the greatest job in the world. Far too often, though, I see amazing women downplay their accomplishments, successes, and happiness so that it doesn’t make anyone else feel uncomfortable.

Any of these sound familiar?

I will cause her to feel badly if I she finds out I was promoted.

I will hurt her if I share how happy I am in my relationship.

I will make her embarrassed if she knows how much success I have.

Enough is enough, ladies. We have to stop hiding!

In this episode, I walk through some of the reasons we shrink ourselves to make others feel better, and I talk about three things we should be doing instead, like using our gifts and joy to inspire people to GO FOR IT!

Think about it this way. What if Oprah had decided to keep her ambition to herself? What if your mentor hid her success from you so that you didn’t feel overshadowed? What if Amelia Earheart was like, “Nah. I’ll just take a short flight so that the other pilots don’t feel inadequate.”

Can you imagine?

It’s time to start living unapologetically and start INSPIRING! This episode is the place to start.


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