18. What exactly is a badass? [Podcast]

If you’ve been around here much, you probably know that there is a word that I use a lot: badass. I love it. I use it to describe the fabulous women in my life, the women I admire, all of my clients, and I totally embrace it for myself.

I’ve embraced the word so much, in fact, that people tag me in “badass” quotes on Instagram and send me “badass” notebooks. I even have a custom art piece in my office entitled “Badass.”

But, what does it actually mean?

Today, we define it, we claim it, and we own it.

In this episode, I break down who a badass woman is, what she does, and how she lives. My hope is that you see yourself in the woman I describe. I hope that you see yourself in her grit, in her ambition, and in the way she chooses to love herself and the people around her.

Look. I know badass isn’t the first word everyone uses to describe themselves. I know some of you will start this episode thinking, That’s not me. Or, That used to be me. Or even, That could be me someday, but I’m not sure how to start.

That’s why you have to stick around to the end. I have three strategies that are meant to awaken the badass within you–whether you know it’s there or not. As someone who embraces this word wholeheartedly, I have to remind myself daily to commit to living like the action-taking, success-defining, growth-committed, unapologetic, do-it-even-if-I’m-terrified badass that I am.

And I PROMISE that if you make these small, intentional changes, you will feel bolder. You will feel braver.

You will feel badder.

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