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19. How to push through the fear [Podcast]

You know that feeling when you’re on the verge of something really big? It’s like you’re standing way up on the ledge, looking down at the water, and you’re just about to take the plunge. And then?

You hesitate.

I want to talk about the thing that makes us hesitate: fear. It interrupts our momentum and jolts us out of the moment long enough to get us stuck up on that ledge, peeking at the water, but not jumping.

In today’s episode, we stop hesitating. We jump. We are going to be scared, and we are going to do it anyway.

Before you listen today, let me ask you this: how is fear stopping you from getting what you want right now?

Are you scared to raise your hand for a promotion?

Are you scared to set a goal you might not reach?

Are you scared to let others down?

Or, maybe you’re where I am today, scared that if you actually achieve the success you’ve been after, you’re going to need to show up in a whole new way.

I’ve been working on pushing myself past my own hesitation–my fear-induced analysis paralysis–and I’ve been thinking a lot about why I’m scared and how to move on. I’ve been coming up with strategies that help me to take action in the face of fear, and today I’m sharing four tips that will help you confront your fear and push it out of the way.

I also share the biggest lesson I’ve learned: to embrace my fear as a good thing. Being afraid means I’m taking risks, living vulnerably, and dreaming boldly. I’d rather be terrified outside my comfort zone than bored inside it, right? Right?

Besides. If I weren’t really pushing myself to dream bigger and climb higher, how did I get all the way up on this ledge in the first place?



  1. Annette

    Love this! A good reminder that we feel similar things and it’s okay. Also I really want to embrace the “Be scared and do it anyway”.. will keep that top of mind as I push forward.

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