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25. Unscripted [Podcast]

When was the last time you went off your script? You know, instead of saying what you showed up to say…

Deciding to speak from the heart, instead.

It feels good, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly what I did with this week’s totally unscripted podcast episode. It’s a Caytie-tell-all where I share why I do what I do, why I choose to work with women instead of men, and even some juicy details about my quirks, guilty pleasures, and my love of sushi and Shane Langford.

And because I can’t totally step away from my role as an executive coach, I share one of my favorite strategies for bringing more joy, rest, and gratitude into your life: positivity triggers.

Today’s episode is meant to peel back a layer of the onion. It’s a reminder about why I’m showing up on the podcast week after week with content that serves and empowers ambitious, savvy women.

Because if there’s one reason I created this podcast, it’s to tell you this: there is only one you, and YOU are destined for greatness.

With or without a script, that’s the message I always want you to know.

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