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29. I am with you, sister

I’m sitting on the floor of my bedroom closet with a microphone and a glass of rosé. I take a deep breath, turn on the mic, and what I record becomes my most honest, vulnerable podcast episode yet.

Let me back up a couple of days.

I was finishing up a call with Liz, who is both my coaching client and my communications strategist. We’ve been working together for over a year. As we closed out her coaching call, she asked me for an update on my business. That’s when I burst into tears.

To be honest, it was the fourth day in a row I’d cried in a panic about my business. It’s been a year of bold goals and big projects for me. Recently, I’ve poured a lot of myself into a project that I thought would be an amazing new way to serve more of my podcasts listeners, clients, and network. It didn’t work, and my confidence was totally rocked.

What started in my mind as a seed of self doubt blossomed into believing I was a complete failure. I started to question everything.

  • Maybe I’m not a good coach.
  • Maybe what I have to say isn’t important.
  • If I can’t make these tools work for myself, I can’t possibly make them work for other people.

Ugh. It’s really hard to read those words in print. They go against everything I believe, everything I coach, and everything I teach at Confidence with Caytie. But I’d bought into them, and I was wallowing in it.

Let’s go back to the podcast episode I recorded in my bedroom closet. I want to emphasize three very important things it covers:

  1. It is mandatory to have people in your life who can pick you up and brush you off when you’re at your lowest. On the other end of the phone, Liz started to talk me off the ledge. We talked through the goals I had accomplished this year, like launching a podcast. As we talked, I started to shift my focus from the one project that had gone wrong to all the ones that had gone right. I know that I’m usually the one encouraging women to recognize and celebrate their successes, but sometimes we need other people in our lives to help us see what’s right in front of us.
  2. I am not quitting my big, bold dreams. Bad days, bad weeks, or bad years don’t make us failures. They can shake us, scare us, and make us lose focus, but they can’t put out our fires.
  3. I am with you, sister. That’s what I named this episode. And when I say I am with you, what I mean is I am with you when…




  • Confidence feels out of reach.
  • You want to pull the covers up over your head, give up, and tap out.
  • You fall for all the messages telling you that you aren’t enough.
  • You start questioning everything.
  • You need someone to remind you of your wins when all you can see are the losses.

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to practice the confidence I preach. This week, I needed a reminder to pull me out of a dark place, and I’m passing that reminder on to you:

When there is something in your heart that’s big and bold, that scares the crap out of you, that you believe is your purpose on Earth–whether it’s being the best mom you could ever be or the CEO of a Fortune 10 company and everything in between. If that dream is in your gut, there is a reason. Don’t give up.

I raise this glass of rosé to you today, sister. To the people who pick us up. To the stumbles that become a part of our stories.

Now let’s brush ourselves off, walk out of this closet, and kick some ass.


Badass of the Week: Liz Navarro, Educator, Copywriter, Communications Strategist at Liz Navarro + Co, 

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