Your questions answered

What’s the first step?

Caytie offers an initial complimentary one-hour coaching session to help you see how she works and talk about what you need. From there, you’ll decide next steps together.

Then, what?

This is your journey. Caytie can help you discover what you really want in your career. Then, you’ll work together to create a plan to get you there. Along the way, Caytie will encourage you and be a sounding board for actions and ideas as you set the world on fire.

How do you meet with clients?

Caytie meets with clients all over the world via phone. No matter where you are she’s just a phone call away.

How long do you usually work with clients?

Just like any major life change…there are no quick, easy fixes. And, since you spend a good number of your waking hours in your career, it makes sense to devote the time to get it right. More specifically, every client is different, but typically, you’ll work together for at least six months.

Who are your typical clients?

Caytie works with professionals at all levels, but the majority are mid-career looking for their next move or entrepreneurs wanting to launch or grow their business. But, they all have a spark just waiting to ignite.

When should I call Caytie?

When the perks of staying where you are, just aren’t “perky” enough anymore. When you’re not sure where you want to go, but know you don’t want to stay where you are.

Can you help me focus my life? Stick to a diet? Improve my love life? Get my two-year-old to eat his broccoli?

No. Caytie’s not a life coach. She focuses on career, not diets, dating and parenthood. She’ll be happy to refer you to professionals who work in these areas, but even with assistance you may still have a hard time getting your two-year-old to love broccoli.

Does Caytie have a coach?

Yep. Caytie likes to practice what she preaches. In fact, her executive coach helped lead her to start this business.

“I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life.”

– Louise Hay