Ever wonder if this is what you were really meant to do?

Many of us show up for a career that’s more paycheck than passion. What if you could figure out where you really want to go and how to get there?

Individual Coaching

Through customized coaching, Caytie, helps all kinds of professionals – from just getting started to figuring out where to go next – discover what they really want from their careers and how that fits in their lives. She’s guided business owners in taking their companies to the next level, encouraging them to be unstoppable in growing their teams, developing markets and expanding operations. She’s also helped mid-level professionals make that big career jump in a way that fits their busy lives.

Free Live Training

The Four Most Common Mistakes Job Searchers Make…and How to Fix Them FREE Live Training! The job search process can often leave you feeling powerless. This training is designed to put the power right back into your hands... and help you get a job you love!

Online Master Class Course

You are an ambitious, savvy, professional woman, but what you’re currently doing isn’t working anymore. You may be burnt out, bored, frustrated, tired or even feeling unconfident. But most of all, you have no clue what to do next. This is the masterclass for you!
How to Get a Job You Love will teach you how to:

  • Have complete clarity on what you want in your professional life
  • Be able to clearly articulate what you want…no more ambiguity
  • Feel completely confident that you can have exactly what you’re dreaming of
  • Know how to leverage your network to identify the right job options for you
  • Be so prepared that you know you will nail your interviews
  • Confidently negotiate any offer you get

“Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.” – Jack Kerouac